The next generation of construction equipment is here. Presenting the state of the art remote operated electric bucket loader. The ROEBL is totally electric driven and fully remote controlled, allowing the operator absolute freedom from dust, fumes, road shock and hazardous situations.

Introducing the R.O.E.B.L.

Cooper Gray Robotics has made a breakthrough with the Remote Operated Electric Bucket Loader (ROEBL). Think: a small tractor, or a Bobcat as most people know it by, completely driverless and controllable from anywhere in the world. With proprietary, patent pending technology and a working prototype of the ROEBL Mark 1, we are primed to turn the construction industry on its head. ROEBLs will completely eliminate the need for traditional diesel skid steers across all industries.


Cooper Gray Robotics LLC is an Oakland, California based design/build company that has created the first remote operated, electric bucket loader aka Skid Steer (ROEBL).

Cooper Gray is Justin Gray, inventor, designer and engineer, and Paul Cooper, clean tech entrepreneur and successful construction company executive.